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 Great Hall Of Jod

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PostSubject: Great Hall Of Jod   Tue Apr 01, 2008 3:25 pm

Though I'd start by droppin in a few pretty pics Smile some will remember these .. and thoise that werent there or aint been around long enough wont.

Myself, Ulgaha & Rowenth waitin for the bossman with thralls GF

Me trying out a worgen patch to replace cat form - no longer have this wasnt worth it

Finally ... moonkin

Fun at Haloween

After 8 hours camping troggi has finally snared Humar Razz - just as he was about 2 give up lol

Durn .. down for the count

Prepared for first arena match

Stylin new rabbit hat

Respecced to resto .. swapped 3 trees for 1 Sad

Why tree form is fun

With the old man (Taurez) at ZF

A perfect place for a picnic - Shadowqmoon Valley - with Imdeadtoolol, Darkenblade & Frozenspirit

Darkenblade - drunk & blowin bubbles after an ogre party

Why dragonhawkes werent built for Tauren

Trying out possible new guild uniforms - all darken was worried about was if it made her bum look big lol

A few shots fo me over winterveil

A few Artys Shots

Like all lookouts, a nice view but sweet fa here
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Great Hall Of Jod
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