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 Voice Chat Programme

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PostSubject: Voice Chat Programme   Wed May 07, 2008 10:52 am

G'Day Folks,

Well until we get a guild so large that VENT is needed for raiding at the moment we will be using SKYPE. This means that we will only have decent voice chat available when physically set up for a raid / instance.

Why Skype vs Vent?

For Skype:
a) Its free
b) Dosen't Require a server (and as GM Doesn't have a comp going 24/7 this is a bonus)
c) Can have a maximum "conference call" of 25 people (just enough for the larger raids)

Otherwise while Vent is better for gameplay (doesn't take up as much bandwidth) we don't have a server computer ready yet to host this for the guild, and at the moment the guild isn't large enough (at the top end) for the Guild leader to pay out extra money each month for this

At the moment Skype suits our purposes and if/when we decide a change is needed we will action it.

So Skype can be downloaded & installed free from :

Skype is basically an internet phone. So while I have a work contact I'll give you the home one and as more people "sign on" I will share these as needed.

My "Skype Name" is Jodrath - details : Daniel Spierings, Wollongong Australia

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Voice Chat Programme
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